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Top 5 pitfalls when converting from solvent to UV ink and how to avoid them!

As a leading printed electronic company in Singapore for more than 2 decades, Central Midori has become versed with the transition from solvent to Ultra-violet (UV) inks.

SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2016

CMI is extremely honored to have received the SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2016. We are very grateful for the recognition of our efforts to transform our company and contribute to the value creation process of our customers. We are facing several challenges on our way and each one of them is making our company stronger and more determined. Winning this award would not have been possible without the participation of everyone in the company from our production operators to the management team and the inspiration of our colleagues at Demmel. We sincerely thank Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr Douglas Foo, SMF President and everyone at the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

Designing a Water-Proofing (IP67) Membrane Keypad






(Top View)

When the requirement of a membrane keypad comes to water proofing, it is very often related to the term: IP Liquid Ingress Protection Marking.

Central Midori has its first product IP67 certified in the Year 2007.

A conventional membrane keypad comprises subparts like the Graphic Overlay, Overlay Adhesive, Dome Holder, Spacer, Conductive Printed PET, Backer & components like Tactile Domes & LEDs. The Gasket is integrated with all mentioned above to construct a water proofing membrane keypad.