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Don’t be afraid of Manufacturing Process Variation

Too many companies approach engineering tolerances as black and white, all-or-nothing mindset. Dimensions are within tolerance and deemed good or out of tolerance and unacceptable. Things are more complicated than that.

Why do we care about our business processes.

Under Japanese Kaizen philosophy managers have two important roles: maintaining and improving  company processes. But let’s start at the beginning, what is a business process anyway? 

Managing the Waves of Change

The business world has experienced tremendous waves of change in the last 50 years. Like the ocean surfers, a few companies catch the wave early, paddle harder and stay ahead of the competition while the vast majority wait for the wave to peak.

Commodity vs. Customized Manufacturing

In a time when bringing manufacturing back to the US has become a very popular topic I wanted to seize the opportunity to lay out the differences between Commodity versus Customized manufacturing

NPI Vs NPD - Here are the differences and why it matters

As a manufacturer of customized solutions Central Midori has always practiced the process of NPI (New Product Introduction). In 2015 while we established our Development Center, a new department to support our customers during the phase of product development, we realized that NPI alone would not satisfy our needs.

Top 10 Best companies of 2020 by Industry Era.

Great News! CMI was named one of the Top 10 Best companies of 2020 by Industry Era.

Singapore ranks 4th-safest place amid Covid-19 pandemic: study


COVID-19: Message to our valued customers and business partners

You may have heard that CMI’s exemption from the suspension of activities for the duration of the Circuit Breaker was rescinded. This was a mistake.

We apologize for the miscommunication and inconvenience it caused

CMI is an essential business in the fight against COVID-19 and we are open.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious challenge globally. The government of Singapore has implemented stringent measures as part of a nation-wide circuit breaker to break the chain of COVID-19 transmissions since 7 April 2020.

CMI was granted authorization to continue operations and all of us will continue to play our part to keep everyone in Singapore safe.

For urgent request contact your customer service representative or email us at centralmidori@central-midori.com.sg

Exemption from Suspension of Business Activities

Companies gear up for supply chain realignment


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