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Rapid Prototyping in Lean Startup Methodology

In his book Lean Startup Eric Ries tells us that startups used to spend years developing and perfecting a product without ever showing it to prospective customers. Failures were often because the customers did not have the opportunity to say whether the product was interesting to them.

Central Midori is proud to announce the purchase of a fully integrated Laser Plotter and Film Processor.

In our ongoing efforts to deliver more value to our customers CMI has purchased a new Laser Plotter and Film Processor. This new addition will allow CMI to produce its own films in-house, which will reduce tooling charges and shorten lead time.

Design of Experiment for Printed Electronic

A  Design of Experiment (DOE) is a technique that helps to determine the influence of the process factors to the process output. It originated in the US after World War I, was taken to Japan in the 1950s by W Edward Deming and became very popular in the late 90’s thanks to six sigmas process improvement methodology.

Functional Inks for Printed Electronics

A few years ago, confronted by a drop in sales, we had to reflect on our capabilities,  as defined by Clayton M. Christensen as Resources, Processes, and Priorities  and reexamine our strategy. 

Our Most Commonly Used Substrates

Part 2 of our blog post about our most commonly used substrate materials published on Kusu's website.

Substrate Materials

Make sure to check out our latest blog post published on Kusu's website.

Don't be afraid of Manufacturing Process Variation (2/2)

And what about Central Midori?

Don’t be afraid of Manufacturing Process Variation

Too many companies approach engineering tolerances as black and white, all-or-nothing mindset. Dimensions are within tolerance and deemed good or out of tolerance and unacceptable. Things are more complicated than that.

Why do we care about our business processes.

Under Japanese Kaizen philosophy managers have two important roles: maintaining and improving  company processes. But let’s start at the beginning, what is a business process anyway? 

Managing the Waves of Change

The business world has experienced tremendous waves of change in the last 50 years. Like the ocean surfers, a few companies catch the wave early, paddle harder and stay ahead of the competition while the vast majority wait for the wave to peak.

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